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Hi guys. We’re back, after a long hiatus! We’re still Joe and Cheryl and we’re still talking shit, but we’ve revamped under a new name — Movie Times! with Joe and Cheryl, and now we live over at Real Pants.

Check out our latest episode here, in which we talk the shit out of Inside Out, the newest Pixar kid flick.

We’re going to post much more often, so keep an eye out for new episodes at Real Pants on the regular.

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Episode 19: I Used To Be Darker

i used to be darker

Some of you might hate this movie. Watch it anyway. Matthew Porterfield’s I Used To Be Darker is slow and meandering and meditative and communicates in the tiniest flickers of gesture. It’s about a girl running away from Ireland to spend the summer on a Maryland beach, before wandering into Baltimore to witness the implosion of her aunt and uncle’s marriage. It’s about music, mostly, which of course can’t be described. Will Oldham’s brother is in it! He smashes a guitar and I felt really bad for him.

We Heart Male Cousin in South Korea

Why Don’t You Play in Hell, Her, A Touch of Sin, Springbreakers, Korean, Chinese, and American cinema. You’re not going to get a best of list like this anywhere else but MALE COUSIN, which is written by our friend Chad in Korea. Who used to be our friend in Indiana. Who we wrote crazy poems with. Hey there’s also a pretty vibrant cross-cultural thing happening with Korean and American poetry….

MALE COUSIN, we also love your love of pulp. Someone has to love it for us.

We demand you write more.

We demand you demand we write more.

Episode 18: Blue Ruin

blue ruin

We capped off our annual Day of Sloth with a viewing of Jeremy Saulnier’s Blue Ruin, a revenge movie that feels like a Shakespearean tragedy and an old Western and Greek myth all at once. Watch this movie late at night with all the lights off and holding something comforting.

Episode 17: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Grand Budapest

There’s precious and then there’s precious. In my book, precious isn’t a sin if there’s some humor and a little self-awareness too. I’m also a sucker for weird affectation, so Joe and I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel about three months late then talked about how Wes Anderson’s latest movie compares to his other stuff. Aren’t we all just characters in the Wes Anderson movies of our minds? I’m the apprentice cobbler in an impeccably tailored olive-green uniform with a penchant for tiny cucumber sandwiches and furtive love affairs.


Episode 15: Nymph()maniac Vol. I


This is the kind of movie that will either permanently cement your love for Lars von Trier, or give you a few more talking points as you’re drafting your Most Detestable Director: Lars von Trier memo. Watch it to find out. Then listen to our X-rated review here!